Intimate wedding in Central Park, New York

Bezaida & Jonathan’s Intimate Wedding in Central Park

Step into the heart of romance as we unfold the enchanting tale of Bezaida and Jonathan’s intimate micro wedding in Central Park, a celebration of love that unfolded against the backdrop of New York’s iconic Central Park. From the cozy confines of a charming church ceremony to the picturesque beauty of Central Park, every moment was a testament to the simplicity and sincerity of their love.

Intimate wedding in central park
Photo by Alina Delfino

Ceremony at the Church

The day began in the embrace of a cozy church, where Bezaida and Jonathan exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony that perfectly mirrored the warmth of their connection. The air was filled with love and excitement, captured effortlessly by our lens as we documented the raw emotions and genuine smiles that graced this sacred space.

Wedding in central park
Intimate wedding in central park video
Photo by Alina Delfino

Wedding in Central Park

Following the ceremony, Central Park became the canvas for their love story. Our lens followed Bezaida and Jonathan as they strolled hand in hand through the park’s tranquil pathways, capturing stolen glances and shared laughter. The iconic locations of Central Park served as the perfect backdrop for their couple photoshoot, creating a timeless visual narrative that will forever encapsulate the essence of their wedding day.

Wedding video in new york

Collaborating with the talented wedding photographer Alina Delfino added an extra layer of artistry to this celebration. Alina’s expertise in capturing beautiful moments resulted in a stunning collection of photographs that complemented our video seamlessly. Together, we ensured that every aspect of Bezaida and Jonathan’s love story was artfully documented, creating a treasure trove of memories for them to cherish.

Micro wedding in central park

Bezaida and Jonathan: Intimate Wedding in Central Park, New York

As you delve into Bezaida and Jonathan’s micro wedding in Central Park through our portfolio, you’ll witness the power of simplicity and intimacy. Our commitment to capturing authentic moments shines through in every frame, ensuring that the essence of their love is preserved with care and attention to detail.

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