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Wedding in Upstate NY

Kristen and Alexey's Dream Wedding in Upstate NY

Thinking about wedding in Upstate NY? In the heart of picturesque Upstate New York, nestled within the charming Roxbury city, lies a wedding venue in Upstate NY that seems to have been plucked straight from the pages of a fairytale – The Roxbury Barn and Estate. Recently, I had the incredible privilege of being a part of Kristen and Alexey’s magical wedding day at this enchanting location. As a dedicated wedding videographer, I was honored to capture the precious moments that unfolded against the backdrop of one of the best wedding venues in Upstate NY.

A Dreamy Wedding Venue in Upstate NY

The Roxbury Barn and Estate stands as a testament to the idyllic charm that Upstate New York has to offer, providing a magical canvas for couples to paint their love stories. Kristen and Alexey’s celebration was nothing short of a fairytale romance coming to life amidst the rustic elegance of this remarkable venue. The surrounding natural beauty and the rustic allure of The Roxbury Barn and Estate created an enchanting atmosphere that enhanced every moment, making it a truly memorable experience for the couple and all those present to witness their love story unfold.

The Roxbury Barn and Estate proved to be the perfect canvas for Kristen and Alexey’s love story. This hidden gem boasts sprawling greenery, rustic barns, and breathtaking views that could make anyone believe in love at first sight. As one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Upstate NY, it provided a seamless blend of natural beauty and rustic charm, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration. If you’re thinking about the wedding in Upstate NY I’d definitely recommend this one of the best wedding venues in Upstate NY.

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Wedding in upstate ny roxbury barn
Photo by: Alina Delfino

Kristen and Alexey: A Love to Remember

At the heart of every wedding are the couple of honor, and Kristen and Alexey radiated pure joy throughout their special day. Their love story was not just about two individuals coming together, but also about two families joining hands and hearts. From the intimate moments of getting ready to the exuberant celebration that followed, we were there to capture every smile, tear, and tender touch.

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Photo by: Alina Delfino
Videography Wedding in upstate ny
Photo by: Alina Delfino
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Photo by: Alina Delfino

The Talented Vendors

Collaboration among talented vendors is the secret ingredient to any successful wedding, and Kristen and Alexey’s day was no exception. Alina Delfino, the renowned photographer known for her ability to capture emotions in every shot, worked in harmony with us to create a complete visual masterpiece. Her expertise and artistry complemented my videography, ensuring that every moment was captured from multiple angles and perspectives.

Enhancing the enchantment of the day was the entrancing live music by Garrett & Tamara, setting a harmonious tone for Kristen and Alexey’s wedding in Upstate NY. Their soulful melodies gracefully adorned the narrative of Kristen and Alexey’s love story, weaving emotion into every moment and leaving an indelible imprint on their cherished union.

Not to be overlooked, the floral arrangements that adorned the venue were the creation of none other than Lydia Castiglia, a visionary florist with an innate ability to translate emotions into floral art. Lydia’s exquisite creations added a touch of natural elegance to the rustic setting, enhancing the overall aesthetic and creating a truly captivating atmosphere for this romantic wedding in Upstate NY.

Megan Rohrbach, a skilled cake artist, crafted a delectable masterpiece that was both visually stunning and incredibly delicious. Her cake design was a reflection of Kristen and Alexey’s unique personalities and love story, and it became a sweet centerpiece that delighted the senses.

Setting the mood for the evening’s festivities, DJ Julie Jakolat curated a playlist that kept the energy high and the dance floor packed. Her ability to read the crowd and play the perfect tunes ensured that Kristen and Alexey’s celebration was nothing short of epic.

Wedding in Upstate NY: Conclusion

Kristen and Alexey’s wedding at The Roxbury Barn and Estate in Upstate NY was a dream brought to life. As a wedding videographer in Upstate NY, I felt privileged to document their love story against the backdrop of one of the most captivating wedding venues in Upstate NY. The collaboration with talented vendors like photographer Alina Delfino and musicians Garrett & Tamara ensured that every moment was artfully captured and preserved for eternity. If you’re seeking the perfect blend of natural beauty, rustic charm, and heartfelt moments for your own wedding, The Roxbury Barn and Estate should undoubtedly be at the top of your list. Contact me to learn how I can help you capture your love story in this idyllic setting.

Wedding in upstate ny roxbury
Photo by: Alina Delfino

Wedding in Upstate NY: All Vendors

Wedding venue: The Roxbury barn and estate (Roxbury, NY, Catskills)
Website: https://roxburybarnandestate.com/
Instagram: @roxburybarnandestate

Photographer: Alina Delfino (Alina Delfino Photography)
Email: alinadelfino.photo@gmail.com
Website: https://alinadelfinowedding.com/
Instagram: @alinadelfino

Videographer: Alek (A-Roll Films)
Email: arollfilms@gmail.com
Website: https://arollfilms.com/
Instagram: @arollfilms

Cake: Megan Rohrbach
Email: frostingnfondant@gmail.com
Instagram: @frostingnfondant

Live music: Garrett & Tamara
Website: https://garrettandtamara.com
Instagram: @garrettandtamara

DJ: Julie Jakolat
Email: julie@differentspin.net
Website: differentspin.net